Property Law

From zoning issues to splitting assets in a divorce, you need help to protect your property.

Property law can be confusing for the average person, but our attorney can help you navigate it in a way that serves your best interests–now and far into the future.

Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm in Jersey City, NJ, can protect your property, including land and other assets, through dedicated representation.


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Our office serving Jersey City, Newark, and beyond helps clients exercise their property rights. Our attorney can help in several areas regarding property law, including:


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Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm can ensure that the property is fairly distributed in a divorce. New Jersey state law divides property based on the principle of equitable distribution, and our lawyer can help you receive a fair amount of property during your divorce.

Our attorney can gather evidence to demonstrate which of your assets can be divided and which belong entirely to you, including:

  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Investments
  • Property

Real Estate Law

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Real property includes land and anything that is growing on, affixed to, or built upon the land. Our lawyer in Jersey City understands the value of real property and can help ensure that the law serves your best interests when buying, selling, or owning real property in the state of New Jersey.

At Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm, our real estate legal services include:

  • Contracts and titles
  • Disputes and negotiations
  • Lease agreements
  • Zoning issues and land use

Estate Law

Close up of last will and testament documentation

Having your legal documents drafted by an attorney before death can save your family time and money while keeping the peace during a difficult time.

This is an area of the law that many people dislike thinking about, but our attorney can help make it easier with a range of estate planning services, including:

  • Wills
  • Living trusts
  • Probate and estate administration

Property Damage

Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm lawyers

When your real estate or property is damaged, our lawyer in the state of New Jersey can fight for you to obtain compensation. Whether your property was damaged due to negligence, a deliberate act, or unforeseeable circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation under property law.

Our Jersey City practice can help you:

  • Communicate with insurance companies
  • Document the damage
  • Calculate the cost of repair and replacement


Although the law is intended to safeguard individuals, very few among us truly understand its intricacies, making it crucial to hire an attorney who can protect your rights when facing difficult situations. Here is why many clients throughout Jersey City and beyond trust Ihab Ibrahim:


During a consultation at our Jersey City, NJ, office, our attorney will review your case, explain how to achieve the best outcome under the law, and determine if he's the right lawyer to ensure your rights to your property are upheld.

Reasonable Price

At Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm, we believe that everyone deserves fair representation, regardless of your financial situation. Our practice offers flexible payment plans that can fit comfortably in your budget, so you can get the legal representation you need. 

Peace of Mind

Without extensive legal training, property law can be confusing and overwhelming. Our attorney can review the details of your case and complete and file any necessary paperwork so you don't have to worry about deadlines and mishandling important documents.

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Literally the best!! When I say I came into this man’s office crying because I thought everything was falling apart. He made me a promise and made sure to complete he came through. Him and his team are literally everything super helpful!! Communication was amazing through the process. Thank you so muchhhhhh

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Thanks a lot to Mr Ibrahim who help us to win our case. He is an excellent negotiator lawyer. He knows what is he doing. Highly recommend him.

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Estate Planning Terms

Like most areas of law, estate planning involves certain terms referring to specific parties and processes. Here, attorney Ihab Ibrahim in Jersey City has provided a list of the most common terms you will need to know and understand as you begin planning your estate:

  • Probate: The process by which the court oversees the distribution of assets is called probate. This process is often undesirable for a few reasons: a) it can take a very long time to complete, thereby requiring the beneficiaries to wait several months before receiving assets; b) it requires paying court fees and attorney fees, which can add up to a significant cost; c) it can be intrusive since the process is a matter of public record.
  • Trustee: The party who manages a trust is known as a trustee. This can be a person or a financial institution, such as a bank.
  • Grantor: The party who set up a trust—in other words, the person who decided they wanted to put their assets into a trust—is called a grantor.
  • Testator: The owner of a will is called a testator. 
  • Beneficiaries: The parties who will receive assets in a will or trust are called beneficiaries. This can include virtually anyone the trustee or testator chooses, but most often includes children, spouses, and organizations.
  • Executor: The party who makes sure a will is carried out is an executor. This person is typically an attorney, an accountant, or a family member, but can be virtually anyone the testator chooses.
  • Witnesses: In New Jersey, you need two witnesses (individuals over the age of 18) to sign a will to attest that the testator is of sound mind. It's best to involve witnesses who don't stand to benefit from the will.
  • Guardians: The parties granted authority over minors by a will are called guardians.
  • Principal: Money and property held in a trust is called principal.

You can count on our Jersey City lawyer serving Newark and beyond to help you understand every aspect of estate planning, your rights, and the parties involved in these processes so you can make an informed decision.

How Wills and Trusts Differ

These two important estate planning tools have unique attributes that make them better suited for some clients than others. During your consultation with our Jersey City firm, we will take careful note of your goals and other information to determine which might serve you best. Here is a closer look at what makes both of these tools unique:


A will is a written document that specifies how you want your estate to be distributed after your death. This document will list who will be receiving your assets (including real estate such as land and structures upon the land you own), and which assets they will receive. It is especially important to begin drafting a will while you are in good health and well within your life expectancy because it can also specify an appointed guardian for your minor children.


A trust is an arrangement that allows a third party of your choice (called a trustee) to hold your assets. The trust itself becomes the owner of the property, which is managed by the trustee. Two very important ways trusts differ from wills are that a) they can take effect while you are alive and b) they are not subject to probate.

Will Trust
Take effect while you're alive No Yes
Subject to probate Yes No
Public record Yes No
Designates guardians for minor children Yes No
Dictates funeral arrangements Yes No

During your consultation at our Jersey City firm, Ihab Ibrahim can help you decide whether a trust or a will is the right estate planning tool to serve your best interests as well as your loved ones' best interests.

Taxation How New Jersey Tax Laws Affect Wills & Trusts

Tax laws can be complex, and it's important to understand how New Jersey's tax laws will affect your will or trust when you begin planning your estate. The surest way to understand exactly what you can expect in terms of taxation is to consult an attorney. For now, we have presented some basic tax information that can help you prepare for your discussion with your lawyer:

Trusts can be subject to income tax.

Because trusts can include investments that generate income, they can be subject to both state and federal income tax. If a trust generates more than $10,000 in a tax year, it is subject to New Jersey state tax unless it doesn't have tangible assets in New Jersey, generates no income from New Jersey sources, and doesn't have trustees or executors in New Jersey. Trusts generating more than $600 in a tax year must pay federal taxes.

Trusts can allow beneficiaries to avoid paying inheritance taxes.

New Jersey imposes an inheritance tax when a certain amount of money is passed (through probate court) from a decedent to a beneficiary other than a spouse, civil union partner, domestic partner, child, grandchild, parents, stepchild, or certain institutions. But trust beneficiaries do not have to pay inheritance tax in New Jersey. Our Jersey City attorney can help decide if a trust is right for you.

Some beneficiaries of a will are subject to inheritance tax.

Spouses, civil union partners, domestic partners, children, grandchildren, parents, and stepchildren are exempt from inheritance tax when named in a will. If you name certain charities, religious institutions, educational and medical institutions, non-profits, scientific institutions, or the State of New Jersey as a beneficiary in your will, they may also be exempt from paying inheritance tax. However, a sibling, son- or daughter-in-law, or child's civil union partner must pay an inheritance tax if they receive more than $25,000. Taxes increase along with the amount of inheritance

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Our Jersey City lawyer can help you understand your rights under New Jersey property law and make certain you do not lose property to which you are entitled. Our Jersey City attorney is also prepared to help you with your estate planning needs to make sure real estate and other assets are distributed to your loved ones and other beneficiaries according to your wishes.

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