Medical Malpractice Lawyer

We place our faith in medical professionals to protect our health. Unfortunately, they sometimes harm us through negligent behavior.

If you have been harmed by medical negligence, our Jersey City, NJ, medical malpractice attorney can hold the offending parties accountable. 

Since 2014, the Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm has taken on and won complex medical malpractice cases for suffering patients.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

We place our faith in medical professionals to protect our health. Unfortunately, they sometimes harm us through negligent behavior.

If you have been harmed by medical negligence, our Jersey City, NJ, medical malpractice attorney can hold the offending parties accountable. 

Since 2014, the Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm has taken on and won complex medical malpractice cases for suffering patients.

Our Attorney Is Multilingual


Medical malpractice lawyer Ihab Ibrahim is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian, allowing him to better serve Jersey City’s vibrant, diverse population. Reach out now to receive legal representation in your native language. 

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Four Factors Must Be Established To Prove Medical Malpractice

Receiving medical treatment that did not result in an ideal outcome does not mean you have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. To have a real case, your situation must meet the following criteria:

Duty of Care

We must be able to prove that the medical professional we are seeking to sue had an established relationship with you through which they were expected to provide health care services. 

Breach of Duty

We must then be able to demonstrate that the health professional failed to provide the proper standard of care. Essentially, it must be shown that they acted in an irresponsible manner and that in the same situation a responsible medical professional would have acted differently.

Caused Injuries

Simply making a mistake is not grounds for a lawsuit; in order to file a claim, harm needs to have been suffered. The medical negligence needs to have caused injury or death that would have been foreseen by a medical professional acting competently. 

Concrete Damages

The point of any civil lawsuit is to obtain compensation and hold the negligent party accountable. The fourth and final aspect that must be proven is whether or not the suffering is deserving of financial compensation. We work with medical experts to prove our clients have suffered tangible harm that must be addressed. 

Potential Compensation In a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Compensatory damages is the legal term for the standard form of compensation in a personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuit. Many states place caps on the amount of compensatory damages in a lawsuit. For medical malpractice cases, New Jersey does not. This allows medical malpractice lawyer Ihab Ibrahim to seek the maximum compensation possible for:

  • Caregiving expenses
  • Funeral costs
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost companionship
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical pain
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We Can Also Seek Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are the other category of potential compensation. They are awarded when a medical professional acted in an especially egregious and reckless manner. While rare, these can also be significant, as our state allows punitive damages to reach as high as five times the amount of compensatory damages awarded. 

Punitive damages could be awarded if your health care provider chose to intentionally inflict harm upon you during treatment. Another situation where they might be awarded would be if a doctor committed unintentional negligence that they then willfully hid from you, resulting in a delay of treatment that caused you further harm.

You Owe Nothing Unless We Win

Our attorney knows that medical malpractice causes significant physical, financial, and emotional suffering to both victims and their families. To lessen any burdens on patients who have been harmed, Ihab Ibrahim offers consultations in personal injury and medical malpractice cases – while also handling them on a contingency basis. 

A contingency basis means that our medical malpractice lawyer does not charge anything upfront. He handles personal injury and medical malpractices on his own dime, only getting paid if and when he obtains a verdict or settlement. This ensures his focus is on getting the most money possible in each lawsuit – never on running up hourly attorney fees.

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Major Verdicts and Results
Achieved By Our Attorney

Medical malpractice attorney Ihab Ibrahim has achieved six-figure verdicts and settlements across a broad array of personal injury and medical malpractice cases. For example, he obtained:
Mr. Ibrahim has won millions for clients in Jersey City, Patterson, and beyond.
Mr. Ibrahim has won millions for clients in Jersey City, Patterson, and beyond.


In a Middlesex County negligence case.


In a Middlesex County car accident lawsuit.


In a Bergen County car accident claim.
Our lawyer was also recognized in the Law Journal for successfully defending a $200,000,000 lawsuit in the federal courts of Washington D.C.

Owner and Operator Of His Own Legal Practice

Medical malpractice attorney Ihab Ibrahim opened his practice in 2014. He is a solo practitioner, meaning there are no other attorneys at Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm. This allows him to set high standards for each aspect of his representation without ever having to compromise to partners. 

It also means that when you choose our Jersey City practice, you will be meeting and working with the same lawyer throughout the entirety of your medical malpractice claim. Ihab Ibrahim never farms out cases to junior associates and makes sure he is available to his clients as much as possible. 

Mr. Ibrahim

The Right Lawyer Can Make a Massive Monetary Difference

Some states bar victims of medical negligence from receiving any compensation whatsoever if they are found to be even faintly responsible for an aspect of their suffering, no matter how small that responsibility is. Thankfully, New Jersey law operates under the legal approach known as modified comparative negligence. Modified comparative negligence allows you to be compensated as long as you are not the primary cause of your harm. 

Under this legal framework, the amount of damages awarded increases or decreases proportionally to how much you are found to be at fault. If your attorney demonstrates that you are only 10% responsible, you can receive 90% of the available compensation. If you are determined to be 40% at fault, you can only get 60% of the pool of money. 

As a lawyer who has won high six-figure medical malpractice cases and successfully defended nine-figure lawsuits, Ihab Ibrahim knows how to prove his clients deserve the most money possible. 

We Have 2 Inviting Offices We Can Also Come to You

Our law firm maintains offices in both Jersey City and Patterson. We pride ourselves on fostering a welcoming, comforting environment where injured clients can feel at home as they pursue the compensation they deserve. If you are unable to come to our office, we can come to you at home or in the hospital to discuss your case. Call or write now to request our help – (855) 529-0030

Medical Malpractice Claims Are Complex But We Know How to Navigate Them

Our medical malpractice lawyer adeptly handles the many complex steps of a medical malpractice case, so that his clients do not need to worry about missed details.

For example, once the defendant has formally responded to a lawsuit, you will only have 60 days to file what is known as an “Affidavit of Merit.” This affidavit is a declaration, made under oath by a recognized medical professional in the same field as the defendant, stating that based on their review of the events in question, the defendant did in fact commit medical malpractice. 

If an affidavit is never delivered, the case could be dismissed. If the affidavit is not compelling, the case could be greatly diminished. Ihab Ibrahim works with highly credible medical experts in Jersey City and beyond to prepare persuasive affidavits. He also hires these experts as crucial witnesses further on in litigation.

Don't Wait – Your Deadline Is Looming

Lawyer and client working on paperwork

Statute of limitations laws limit the time any potential plaintiff has to file a lawsuit. These deadlines vary from state to state and by case type. Failing to meet your deadline likely means you forever lose the ability to receive compensation – and New Jersey's short deadlines can pass by quickly when you're focused on medical needs and piling bills.

In a standard medical malpractice case here in New Jersey, you only have two years from the date you suffered medical malpractice to file your claim. A wrongful death lawsuit is filed by grieving family members who lost a loved one to negligence. The deadline to file a wrongful death claim in our state is two years from the date of the individual’s passing.

We Can Explore Exceptions

There are some situations where the ticking clock would not start on the initial day of the malpractice. This is possible thanks to New Jersey’s “Discovery Rule.” This rule means the clock doesn't start until medical malpractice is actually discovered, or should have reasonably been discovered. An example of a medical malpractice claim that could have this delayed start would be one in which a foreign object was left in your body by a surgeon and there was no way for you to know this for months afterwards. The clock would start when the object was discovered. 

Start Your Lawsuit Now

Beginning your lawsuit now offers many benefits. For one, it allows our medical malpractice attorney to begin gathering evidence while it is still fresh. Two, it lets you focus on your recovery while knowing that you have already begun the process of seeking compensation for your harm. Allow our medical malpractice lawyer to provide the hope you need to move forward from the medical malpractice you wrongly suffered.

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Examples of Medical Malpractice

Empty hospital bed and bassinet

Birth Injuries

Medical malpractice causing birth injury is often characterized by a failure on behalf of medical professionals to recognize and respond to pain and vital signs that should cause them to act in a specific manner. For example, they may have failed to perform a C-section when needed. 

There are many signs and symptoms that can indicate your child was the victim of a birth injury. These include suffering from seizures or a low heart rate immediately after birth. Symptoms appearing within one to two years include poor coordination and delayed speech.

Doctors performing surgery

Surgical Errors

There are many types of surgical errors that can cause significant harm. One prominent example is a surgeon performing their operation on the wrong side of the body, like operating on the wrong kidney. Another example of a surgical error is a surgeon cutting an area of the body that should have remained untouched during your procedure.

A different type of surgical error is leaving a foreign object like a medical sponge in your body instead of removing it. As this is often not discovered until later, victims of an un-removed foreign object may have a longer deadline to file a claim. 

Stethoscope and paperwork


Medical misdiagnosis causes untold preventable suffering. Unfortunately, virtually any ailment can be misdiagnosed, causing a patient to miss out on necessary medical treatment. For example, if signs of cancer are misattributed to a less dangerous disease, cancer treatment may be delayed by months or years – if it ever starts at all. 

Another form of misdiagnosis is a failure to accurately identify emergency symptoms. This can occur if a patient presents to the ER suffering from obvious heart attack symptoms but is treated for gastrointestinal problems.

Vitals monitor

Failure to Diagnose

Failure to diagnose can be deadly. It shares many similarities with the misdiagnosis issues described above, with the key difference being that in a misdiagnosis case there was treatment performed for the wrong issue, while in a failure to diagnose case the medical professional completely failed to identify a problem a reasonable provider would have found.

We discussed above how a heart attack victim could sue if they were treated for the wrong issue. They could also file a successful medical malpractice claim if the triage nurse turned them away entirely.

Protect Your Health

Being the victim of medical malpractice can make a patient feel powerless. They went to a medical professional they trusted for help and left with harm, suffering physically and burdened with more medical bills and the need for treatment. Sometimes, this leads victims to skip future medical appointments. 

Our medical malpractice lawyer stresses that you should continue to seek medical attention for the pain you are going through, if applicable. Mr. Ibrahim can refer you to a trusted medical provider who can work to alleviate your pain and get you back on the right track. Maintaining your appointments also generates key medical records our attorney relies on to win cases.

Ihab Ibrahim

Ihab Ibrahim Law Firm

Attorney Ihab Ibrahim has practiced law in Jersey City, NJ, since 2014. He is proud to represent clients in matters related to:

Mr. Ibrahim offers consultations and is available to meet at night or on weekends. To request a case review, fill out our online form or call (855) 529-0030.

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