I'm Meeting a Personal Injury Lawyer: What Should I Prepare? By Ihab Ibrahim on December 31, 2023

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The injuries that bring clients to us are often life-changing. If you are suffering physically, financially, and emotionally as a result of an auto accident, slip and fall, or any other incident, I will do everything in my power to help you recover your life and receive compensation for your losses.

To help us get as fast a start as possible, I recommend the following for your first consultation with a personal injury lawyer. Preparing for your meeting with a personal injury lawyer will expedite matters when visiting my law office in Jersey City, NJ.

Make Copies of Evidence

Hard evidence is an invaluable tool that I can use to win your case. While I can gather much evidence on my own by accessing security cameras, hiring accident reconstructionists, and using other methods, it is often the case that my clients are in possession of crucial photos, videos, or other documents that can be incredibly helpful.

Frequently, clients may not even be aware of how important the evidence they have is. That’s nothing to worry about. It’s my job to sift through all available pictures, footage, and police reports to find crucial, persuasive pieces of information.

If you have anything at all relating to your case, you should copy the materials onto multiple devices and email copies to yourself. This ensures you will always have access to it in the event that you lose your phone, damage your computer, or any other accident befalls you. Then, bring copies to my Jersey City office so I can evaluate it all and begin crafting our winning strategy.

Bring Your Medical Records

If you have not seen a medical professional since your accident, stop reading this and reach out to one now. Nothing is more important than your health and in many auto accidents and slip and fall cases, injuries are slow to develop. Seeing a doctor protects your body and safeguards your case, since failing to see one can be construed as evidence that you weren’t really harmed.

If you have seen a doctor, make sure to bring all bills and documentation relating to your accident to me. By assessing these documents, I can gain a deeper understanding of the harm you have suffered and get an idea of how much your personal injury case might be worth.

Print Out Insurance Information

Insurance companies are inextricably linked to virtually any personal injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, coverage is often complex and difficult for people to understand. I opened my law firm in 2014 and have been dealing with insurance companies ever since. If you bring me copies of your policy, I can see what type of coverage you have and how we can leverage your benefits to seek the most compensation possible.

Reach Out for My Help

I am here to guide you through every step of your lawsuit, from first consultation through the final handshake after we obtain a verdict or settlement. I have already done the same for many New Jersey clients, having won $750,000 in a negligence lawsuit and $366,000 in a car accident case. Send a message or call my Jersey City firm to schedule our meeting.

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